Plantar Fasciotomy

Plantar Fasciotomy


Plantar fasciotomy is a surgical procedure that treats plantar fasciitis, sometimes called heel spurs. This is a condition that causes stabbing or burning heel pain when the tissue along the bottom of the foot — which connects the heel bone to the toes — becomes inflamed. The procedure detaches the fascia, the thin connective tissue covering the muscles, from the heel bone. Connective tissue grows back, effectively lengthening the fascia.

What to expect

After the patient is given a local anesthetic, the doctor will make two small incisions on either side of the heel. An endoscope, or small camera, is inserted in one incision to guide the doctor. A tiny knife is inserted in the other. A portion of the fascia near the heel is removed. The incisions are then closed.

How to prepare

Little preparation is needed. Patients will be expected to not eat and limit drink to clear liquids for at least six hours before the procedure. The doctor will advise the patient of any medications prohibited before the procedure.